Congress Display

At each Congress, the participating countries mount a themed lace display to represent their country.   The topic of the USA country display, "A Patchwork of Immigrants ," was initially chosen for the Estonia Congress.  The  pieces submitted for Estonia will form the foundation of the 2023 display.  Additional pieces are needed.

Since 'the people' of the United States immigrated from many countries, we have many stories to tell.  Within the concept of patchwork, our display will include a display of lace pieces approximately 5" at the largest dimension which will be mounted on square backgrounds in the format of a quilt.  Pieces may be any design or color.

Please consider designs (design information sheet) reflecting what the immigrants brought with them which became part of American heritage/tradition or something which represents your heritage: such as - objects, inventions, trades (blacksmith, cooper, seamstress, iron worker, gaffer, weaver, miner, carpenter, chef, wheelwright, brewer, chandler, physician, shoemaker, lace maker, hunter, baker, etc.). Trades do not need to be only people. A shoe for the shoemaker; an anvil for the blacksmith...  Inventions include Levi Jeans, conestoga wagon, potato chip, waffle ice cream cone, Franklin Stove, shaker clothes pin, zipper, light bulb, and the airplane for a start.

The lace will be displayed with its accompanying story AND Interspersed with the lace will be "old" pictures of families, any trade, and any activity.  Please send jpg format pictures.

Please submit all lace pieces by January 30, 2023.  Lace will displayed at the Virtual Congress and at the following IOLI Convention and then returned .

All Lacers are welcome to submit a piece to represent the USA.  OIDFA membership is not required.

For more information, please check out the Information Sheet.      To submit lace, complete the  Submission Form.  For questions, please contact Katherine.

Hover over the picture and click on the arrows to see many of the lace pieces which have been received.