Congress 2023

OIDFA Congresses are held in a different country every two years. 

 During the 3 day Congress there are lectures, presentations, demonstrations, exhibits, dinners, half day excursions, and vendors. 

 Workshops/Courses are held the 4 days prior to the Congress and a 4 day excursion/tour of the country follows the Congress.  

The next Congress will be 20 July - 22 August, 2023,

virtual and on-site, with classes and tours before and afterwards. 

Registration is open on the site!

OIDFA Congress 2023 will be a hybrid Congress with on-site activities in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy), sister cities which share the Italian/Slovenian border.  For more city information click here.

Virtual activities include 9 classes, 9 lectures, exhibits,  and participation in on-site events (for example the General Assembly). ‘Open the Drawers, Behind the Scenes’ is the theme for many of the virtual lectures and courses.  

On-site activities include classes, lectures, meetings, exhibitions, dinner, vendors/suppliers, and trips to museums and places of local interest. The on-site Congress includes the General Assembly of the organization. 

The theme of the Congress competition is Red Thread.  Learn more here.  Application here.

For more information watch for OIDFA Bulletin 4, 2022.   

Unable to travel to Italy/Slovenia, join us for the many virtual/on-line planned events.